3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Prospecting
Written by Greg Woodward
Prospecting is a top challenge for many entrepreneurs especially those without sales experience.  

As entrepreneurs, prospecting is required to take our business from point A to point B. This includes everything from raising capital to securing strategic partnerships and getting your first set of customers.  

To bolster your results with prospecting here are few tips about what to watch out for;

3 Things Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Their Business That The Strugglers Do Not
Written by Greg Woodward
I’m sure you’ve noticed that entrepreneurs and early stage companies in pretty much any arena fall into one of two categories.

First are the “Grinders,” These are companies that get to market slowly, hope to expand over time but remain vulnerable having less than a handful of clients representing the majority of their revenue.

Second are the Rainmakers - These are companies that appear to just crush it right out of the gates. They disrupt their market and quickly reach growth-stage, attracting acquirers and institutional investors along the way.

What is it that makes Rainmakers spring into the market like this, disrupt and gain share while Grinders just sputter along or even sputter out?  Here’s a few observations that may be useful to consider for your business;

The Most Impactful Rejection I ever Received
Written by Greg Woodward
As entrepreneurs we’ve all experienced plenty of rejection. When I think about the most impactful rejection I ever received, I can vividly remember my first investor meeting.  I was 20 years old, palms sweaty and pitching an online rebate idea that I came up with.

Half way thru my pitch I noticed the investor beginning to wonder off into his own thoughts. He formed this sort of smile grin thing while continuing to stare right through me.  I continued through my presentation until I began to feel like my whole vision was amusing to this man!

What he said at that moment would take me another 10-years to fully un-pack.  He said;

B2B Sales Prospecting in a Post GDPR World
"2-Things Every Inside Sales Team Should Have"
If you’ve been relying on automated email campaigns to generate prospects for your B2B company, then you’re probably going to have to stop.

This month the GDPR takes affect and for many B2B companies, this will impact sales prospecting.

The good news is that there are still highly effective methods for prospecting that aren’t impacted by the new regulation.  The bad news is that many Sales Development Reps (SDR’s) will need to sharpen or even learn a different set of skills.

Here’s two observations to consider;

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